Fit To Be Wild TV

           We are about to take prime time television to a whole new level! Fit to be Wild is an Outdoor Adventure Show that revs up the competition with an entirely unique, unpredictable and hilarious approach to “women in the wild.” Join Host Cara Christensen on her journey out into the WILD as she redefines the role of women. Cara takes audiences on a thrilling adventure in each episode to call attention to this challenging game we call life. Although a nationally recognized Fitness Model, Cara is not just a pretty face. Her vivacious thirst for competition and sidesplitting humor surfaces when she returns to her country roots and taps into that hot Cherokee blood.


           Her mission: to tame the untamed and quite literally, take the bull by the horns by conquering wild beasts and discovering nature’s unmistakable beauty. Her journey takes her to some of the Outdoor’s most notable fishing and hunting guides. With the help of her tour guides and her expertise in the field of fitness, Cara will learn how to spear fish, hunt, dive, and more to conquer some of her greatest fears: gators, lionfish, wild boars, heights and the deep blue seas.


          Fit to be Wild offers a wild and crazy ride around some of the most adventurous, exciting, and culturally rich areas in the world. Cara will also provide advice on clean eating, how to cook and eat for a healthier lifestyle, and even a few workouts to follow.Does Cara have what it takes to be Fit to be Wild? Tune in to see how this doe-eyed beauty learns how to play with the big boys. So buckle up, tighten up those spurs and brace yourself for the wildest ride of your life! Life is short; live wild!





"Life is short - Live WILD"


Written By: Claire Clayton